Personalized content is imperative to your brand due to its ability to define your mission, represent your purpose, & reflect your vision.


We will create content focused towards your brand and clients. Subscriptions will keep your brand image cohesive and in alignment.




Personally create & customize images that will capture the attention of your clients while catering to your industry & marketing demands.


A lifestyle or personal branding photoshoot is geared towards business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use photography to help build their brand and online presence. The imagery will highlight your personal style which is important to explaining your brand, attracting clients and most of all growing your business. 


The world likes to see REAL people, REAL behind the scenes, REAL use and not all stock images. It allows them to feel a connection with your service, your product or even just YOU. 

As a business owner, content & imagery will assist the attraction and engagement of new customers as well as returning customers. Content will also aid in bringing new visitors to your websites, social media platforms and generate leads and revenue for your company.



Schedule your FREE consultation to go over your brand, needs, and vision. Let's brainstorm ideas, and let the creativity flow.


We discuss details then build a schedule for your marketing and content needs and formulate a timeline. 


This is the day our ideas will be fullfilled and brought to life.


Set up recurring content and branding photoshoots with our subscription plans to maintain the consistency of your brand. 

Schedule Your Brainstorming Session Today !

Lani Nicole, owner of Black Moon Images, is an international photographer and content creator. She is best known for her ability to create unconventional styles of imagery that capture the true essence of her subjects and for her brand of storytelling. Whether on a product shoot in the Bahamas or shooting a Board Room Meeting in San Diego, Lani is energetic, determined, creative, wild & sassy. As a traveling photographer, Lani's work has taken her across the nation and overseas. She truly believes everyone deserves to tell their story. Lani was recently voted Top 4 of San Diego's Most Influential Women. She is #yourtravelingphotographer.

    Create.                Inspire.       Empower.

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