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My First Blog Post

What's in a blog post? Catchy phrases, Pretty pictures, Some educational facts? Well before we get to all that good stuff, You should probably learn about the woman behind Black Moon Images. So here goes it.. My first blog post.

I'm the gal behind the lens of Black Moon Images. Who am I? I'm an international photographer and content creator best known for my ability to create unconventional styles of imagery that capture the true essence of my subjects. I was recently voted Top 4 of San Diego's Most Influential Women. I am energetic, determined, fierce, creative, wild & sassy.

I am Lani Nicole.

What do I normally shoot? EVERYTHING. Corporate events and headshots, Local events Big and Small, Product imagery, Portraits, Weddings, and everything in between.

Where do I shoot? Anywhere and Everywhere. I am #yourtravelingphotographer. Whether on a product shoot in the Bahamas or shooting a Board Room Meeting in San Diego, I will always go where my client needs me. As a traveling photographer, my work has taken me across the nation and overseas. Want to bring me to your city? Ask me how & I promise it's possible! *Pinky Promise*

Who has been my favorite client? All of them. Not one has been the same which I absolutely LOVE. I've done content images for Graceflow Pilates in Pacific Beach, CA; Corporate events and branding imagery for The Executive Cat Herder in San Diego, CA; Family portraits for clients from California all the way to New York; Product images for Nola Thins in Eleuthera, Bahamas; Weddings in Las Vegas and Palm Springs; Headshots for Maresa Friedman for Forbes Council; Subscription Content and Marketing images for Batta Fulkerson in San Diego, CA; and so much more.

Want to schedule a consultation? Book a photoshoot? Discuss your needs? Email me so we can get coffee, tea, snacks, and discuss how I can help you!

Happy Saturday darlings!


Lani Nicole

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