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Hi! Lani Nicole here...

I'm a photographer, a creative and all around colorful human. Full of laughter, constantly creating and always looking for ways to empower each other. Full of optimistic thoughts, adventures, meetings always on the calendar and looking forward to the next creation. The constant need to evolve and grow fuels my fire which I hope inspires others. My goal is to empower. Today. Tomorrow...Always. I am San Diego based and available for services; locally and worldwide.

" I am #yourtravelingphotographer. "

Black Moon Images and LUXE Endless Beauty, offer an unconventional style of imagery that captures life's details that the human eye often overlooks. My work restores the emotions you'll want to hold on to for a lifetime. 

Black Moon Images captures Family portraits, Event and Corporate photography, Maternity and Newborn portraits, as well as Engagements and Weddings. If you have a need, reach out.

Tell us how we can help you.

LUXE Endless Beauty is our signature Boudoir Company. Allow us to empower you and engage in your beauty.

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